git logger

At GitLogger, we believe Knowledge is Power, and Standards are Good.
To that end, we have standardized how we derive metrics from git logs.
You can easily graph or query any named metric, and use them to help know your repos
MetricName Synopsis Description
AttachRate Attach Rate by User Gets the percentage of commit messages that reference an issue number or pull request.
BusyDayOfWeek Busy Day Of Week Shows total lines changed by day of week.
Churn Average number of files in a commit Gets the average number of files in a commit by a contributer
CommitCadence Commit Cadence Gets the total Commits per contributor and divides by their active timeframe.
CommitCount Commit Counts Gets the number of commits by each contributor.
CommitRepeats Commit Repeats Total Repeated Commit Messages by User
IssueBreadth Issue Breadth Gets the distinct number of issues mentioned in commits by user.
LineCadence Line Cadence The total number of lines changed per user, divided by the time between commits.
LinesChanged Lines Changed Lines Changed by a user
NetLineCadence Net Line Cadence The insertions-deletions changed per user, divided by the time between commits.
NetLinesChanged Net Lines Changed Total Insertions - Total Deletions by UserName